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23rd Jul 2012

How Un-Fare: Nicole Scherzinger Livid Over Being Put in Economy Class

Let's just say that this little kitty wasn't exactly thrilled when she found out she had been booked into economy class on a recent flight...

Nicole Scherzinger isn’t a happy pussy cat. Why? Well, the singer is apparently livid after she was forced to fork out thousands of euro for a first-class plane ticket because X-Factor bosses booked her into economy.

Yes, rather than being seen with the rest of us mere mortals, Nicole paid €4,500 out of her own money just so she could get back into first class.

The Irish Sun reports that the singer was refused a free upgrade by British Airways when she was flying from Heathrow to L.A. recently (morto, or what?) so Nicole had to reluctantly pay her own way.

“Nicole was fuming. She always flies first class but she was amazed to find that she had been booked into economy,” said an insider.

“The X-Factor books all of her flights – but she hadn’t expected this. Nicole spent 20 minutes trying to get BA [British Airways] to upgrade her but in the end she had to put her hand in her pocket. There were a few mutterings about Simon Cowell being a tightwad,” the insider added.

Nicole and Simon ‘tightwad’ Cowell.

We guess it’s safe to say that Nicole hasn’t been having the best few days of her life or anything. Only last week, it was revealed that her boyfriend, F1 star Lewis Hamilton had stayed up partying until 5.30am with a group of girls he met clubbing.

According to reports, Nicole tore strips off him when he rang her and grovelled down the phone.

But still though…what’s so bad about flying economy class anyway?