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05th Apr 2013

How Romantic! One of Hollywood’s Hottest Couples Have Signed Up to Star in a Broadway Show Together

Two of Hollywood's finest are set to star on the Great White Way

He’s the current dashing Bond, and she’s the one of the most stunning women ever to grace the silver screen. Together, they’re make one of the hottest couples on the planet – and now they’re taking their combined talents to the stage. 

Real-life loves Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz fell for each other on the set of 2011 movie Dream House, and now the pair have signed up to star opposite each other on Broadway.

It’s been confirmed today that the stars will costar in a production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, due to open in October this year in the Barrymore Theatre. 

If you’d like to get up close and personal with the stars, start planning your trip stateside now, as the show will have a limited 14 week run. 

Though they look blissfully happy in real life, the path of love will not smoothly for the couple’s fictional alter egos; Craig will play a publisher whose wife, played by Weisz, is cheating on him with his friend.