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22nd Jul 2019

This is how much money Greg O’Shea will earn on Instagram after Love Island

Rebecca O'Keeffe

greg o'shea

Wait… so is this why Belle threw a drink at Molly-Mae?

We discuss ALL on today’s I’ve Got A Text Love Island show. 

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Not too shabby…

So, we’re all kind of obsessed with Greg O’Shea from the Love Island villa, yeah?

Mainly because he’s Irish, and we love to support our own, but he’s also just a doll.

Anyway, we know that after Love Island, Greg will be returning to the rugby pitch to represent Ireland.

However, he’s set to make a pretty penny from his social media, too.

New data by digital marketing experts, Rise at Seven, has revealed that influencers are now paid £0.0033p for every follower they have.

This is based on a new report which came out this week revealing just how much brands now pay to partner with influencers in 2019.

So based on this,  Greg will be making about £600 per post, considering he has almost 180,000 followers.

However, we expect that number to increase significantly in the coming weeks.

In terms of the other Irish person in the villa, Maura Higgins is expected to be one of the top earners once the show comes to an end.

At the moment, Maura has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, meaning she’ll rake in around £3,630 per post on Instagram.

All in a days work.

The highest earner from the show will be Molly Mae Hague, who has 2.1 million followers at the moment.

That’s £6,930 per post.

We’re so jealous.