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28th Nov 2012

How Does Jessica Alba Keep Her Figure? Laser Liposuction, Apparently

According to reports, the actress regularly undergoes laser liposuction treatments in order to keep her slim figure.


Jessica Alba is known for having one of the most banging bodies in all of Hollywood. The actress looks fantastic and you’d never think that she’s already given birth to two children. So what is Jessica’s secret to keeping her figure? Apparently it’s liposuction.

Yes, RadarOnline is exclusively reporting that the actress manages to keep her slim shape by regularly undergoing laser liposuction treatments.

According to a source, Jessica went to the Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica yesterday where she received their laser liposuction treatment on her stomach and thighs, as well as two cortisone injections.

“Jessica had some laser liposuction treatment, which is a far less invasive way of melting away unwanted pockets of fat,” said a source, speaking to the gossip website.

“She looks absolutely amazing already and really doesn’t need any help at all but she said she still feels self-conscious about the ‘stubborn fat’ that she can’t get rid of with exercise alone, so this is the ideal way of blasting them,” the source added.

Jessica reportedly feels under pressure to maintain her figure

The source revealed that Jessica is feeling under pressure to look as good as she can, and that despite “working out like a demon and eating super healthy” the star still has some areas that she’s not happy with.

“Guess she really is human after all,” said the source.


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