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02nd Aug 2012

Hot Flushes: Sinead O’Connor “Can’t Wait” to go Through The Menopause…

Most of us could live without having to go through "the change" but Sinead O'Connor is actually thrilled at the prospects of going through the menopause...


While most of us absolute dread the thoughts of getting older and having to suffer through the same mood swings and hot flushes as our mothers, there is one Irish celeb who can’t wait to go through “the change.”

The Irish Daily Star reports that Sinead O’Connor is continuing to share just a tad bit too much information about her personal life on the internet.

Yesterday, Sinead tweeted the following to her 1,113 followers on social-networking website Twitter:

Now, we don’t know about you, but when we finally do start to suffer from the menopause, we highly doubt that we’ll be over the moon and absolutely thrilled about the entire thing like Sinead.

In fact, being frankly honest, the menopause sounds like it is no bloody fun. (Eh…no pun intended).

Irregular periods, hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats, problems with your hoo-hah, weight gain, achy muscles – these are all common symptoms of going through “the change” and while we admire Sinead’s optimism and excitement for the menopause, we can’t say we agree.

Of course we can see the positive side of things (NO MORE CRAMPS! HALLELUJAH!) however, we still think that all the other issues associated with entering the final stages of womanhood would put us off.

What do you think ladies? Do you live in fear of the day when you experience your first hot flush? Or do you think we should all take a leaf out of Sinead O’Connor’s book and start being more positive about the menopause?