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28th Sep 2021

Hollyoak’s Stephanie Davis has experienced a miscarriage

“I was so excited to finally get to enjoy very second of my pregnancy and it be a happy thing.”

Stephanie Davis has experienced a miscarriage.

The former Hollyoaks actor, who is in a relationship with Oliver Tasker, had been documenting her pregnancy with her parter in private until she began experiencing pain.

Sharing an emotional video in which she discovers she is expecting and tells partner Oliver of the news, Stephanie wrote that she had been in two minds about posting about her recent miscarriage.

“Is it no ones business, or should I share my sadness or just keep it in and feel sad and alone like I do,” she wrote. “We only told close friends and family as wanted to wait till the 12 weeks safety mark even though I thought of course it would all be fine. I was so happy.

“Unfortunately I started getting pains […] Scans and lots of blood later I had the dreaded phone call of the hospital saying that my levels were dropping drastically, and sadly my pregnancy is no more. Then it was just the waiting game to start bleeding and lose what I dreamt about and was so happy about.” 

Stephanie went on to say that she had spent the day in pain and bleeding. The actor added that she had wanted to finish her video by telling her son, Caben, if he was going to have a brother or a sister, “but we never got that far.”

“I was so excited to finally get to enjoy very second of my pregnancy and it be a happy thing,” she went on. “I never thought I’d have the strength to go through another pregnancy as with Caben it was a horrific traumatic time, but I guess you heal and I couldn’t wait to have my happy ever after with Oliver and Caben and our baby.

“I feel all over the place right now and know I was early but it still hurts. I seen my whole future ahead of me and had my hand on my stomach every day. Just feel so lost right now and my hormones are understandably all over the place. I know one day I’ll get my happy ending but for now I just have to get through this.” 

Stephanie has one child, Caben, with ex Jeremy McConnell. The former reality star was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison suspended for assaulting Stephanie in 2017. He was later imprisoned for avoiding his community service to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant.

Stephanie shared that she had experienced a miscarriage in 2017 due to “stress.” She said at the time: “The hardest thing that I’ve ever had to hear was that my child had died. The hardest thing that I’ve ever done is to live every day since that moment.”