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23rd Jul 2012

Harry Styles Charms Another Cougar

What is it about Harry Styles? Women are practically falling at his feet these days...

Harry Styles has done it again. No, he hasn’t landed himself yet another number one single with One Direction. He’s just gone and sparked yet another cougar rumour.

Yes, Harry just seems to have those (slightly) older women lining up, and we’ll admit that we can see why they’re all mad about him. Sure he’s a little charmer, isn’t he?

The Irish Sun reports that the singer has managed to catch the eye of the lovely Caroline Whitmore. Caroline is a roving reporter for ITV and she interviewed One Direction at the weekend.

According to reports, the pair had a good laugh over the fact that Harry has a bit of a ‘thing’ for women named Caroline (we all remember Caroline Flack, right?) and his band mates repeatedly joked that it wasn’t the first time that Harry and the reporter had gotten together. Ooh. We’re intrigued!

“Harry was the only one of the boys to kiss her – and he did it twice. That started the rest of the boys teasing him in front of her saying things like, ‘Ooh – a kiss for Caroline. It wouldn’t be the first time,’” said a source.

“Harry tried to brush it off but the lads kept teasing them and making funny noises and dropping hints they were an item,” the source added.

We think we just heard the hearts of thousands of One Direction fans break out there.

We wonder what Caroline’s husband Steve Whitmore thinks about all this. Caroline has been married to Steve for 17 years – almost as long as Harry, who is 18, has been alive. Shocking, right?

So women, we put forward the following question: Harry Styles – would you? Be honest now…