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17th Jul 2012

Happy 60th Birthday to the Hoff!

It's official, the Hoff is 60 today! And to help him celebrate here are what are arguably the best moments of his career... so far anyway.

It’s David Hasselhoff’s birthday!

In celebration of this momentous day, we take a look back at the 60 year old’s greatest career moments.

1. Baywatch

We simply couldn’t kick off this list without mentioning the very show that made him a household name. Everybody remembers the Hoff in Baywatch. All that slow running with no top on, we just don’t know how he managed it for all those years!


2. Berlin Wall Performance

There was a concert for the end of the Berlin Wall back in 1989 and none other than David Hasselhoff was there performing his song ‘Looking for Freedom.’ Good tune, fabulous jacket!


3. ‘Jump in My Car’

Okay, so we weren’t sure whether we could define this song as one of his ‘greatest’ moments but how could we have left it out? Although it sounds a tad creepy we can’t help but smile and sing along when we hear it.

4. Piranha 3DD

It’s no surprise that the Hoff wanted to get in on this film with all the bikini-clad ladies running around. It’s not a great film by any stretch of the imagination but this clip, which contains explicit language so please be warned, is rather funny.


5. ’50 Ways To Say Goodbye’

It’s one of his most recent appearances in a music video and shows that even in his later years he still has a great sense of humour and killer dance moves. It also helps that this tune by Train is very catchy.