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26th Sep 2013

Hannah Montana Who? #TBT – Throwback Thursday With Miley Cyrus

Remembering the Miley Cyrus we once knew...


Remember when Miley Cyrus had hair, kept her tongue in her mouth and wore clothes? So do we.

Many believe Miley’s reinvention was a bid to finally lose all the Disney ‘childhood sweetheart’ image. 

Well she can rest easy knowing that she definitely did just that. 

Every dog and their mother knows about Miley Cyrus’ onstage and offstage antics these days. From her questionable outfit choices, her incessant tongue gestures, that foam finger, or even the extremely confusing sledgehammer incident in her latest single.

Hannah Montana is most definitely dead and gone.

Here we remember the days where Miley always remembered to put on her clothes, and the only thing she was caught swinging on, was the tyre out the back beside her treehouse.