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07th Aug 2012

Hairy Hardy: Tom Hardy’s Fiancee Doesn’t Exactly Like His Facial Hair…

Poor Tom Hardy, his fiancee Charlotte Riley hates his big, bushy beard...

Alright ladies, when it comes to beards which side of the divide do you stand on? Are you a woman who loves a man with a fuzzy chin, or does the thought of facial hear actually make you feel a bit ill?

Here in the offices, we stand slightly divided on the subject, although we all agree that there’s nothing sexier than a bit of stubble. Oh yeah!

Unfortunately for Tom Hardy, he is not engaged to any of us (we’re sure he cries himself to sleep about this every single night) and his current fiancée, Charlotte Riley, isn’t exactly keen on the new chin fuzz that he’s been rocking recently. But then again, he doesn’t really like it either, to be fair.

The Irish Independent reports that Tom grew a bushy beard of epic proportions for his role as a bare-knuckle boxer in his upcoming film Lawless and he recently told Esquire magazine that while his fans love his facial hair, his fiancée isn’t exactly thrilled about it.

“I have to grow a beard for the character. It’s really ginger and wild. But I don’t give a f**k about it, personally. My fiancée doesn’t give a f**k about it. She’d like to have my lips back and I’d like to feel hers. But on the whole, the beard is welcomed by a lot of people,” said Tom.

Aside from revealing that he’s not really into his beard, Tom also admitted that he recently suffered a serious injury at the hands of his son Louis.

“I managed to survive my entire life without getting kicked in the testicles. And then one day I was changing the nappy of my son. I put him on his back and he was moving his feet about. I was like, ‘Come on’, and he brought his heel down – and clipped the top of my left testicle. It took me to the f**king floor man,” said Tom.

“I didn’t see it coming, I was loose…excruciating agony. And my son was only a foot-and-a-half long,” he added.

That’s gotta hurt! Poor Tom Hardy – he has to put up with beards for film roles and his own son accidentally kicked him in the nuts. It’s a hard life, isn’t it girls?