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25th Jul 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow Flogs Ridiculously Overpriced Plastic Tray to Her Fans

Has Gwyneth Paltrow gone a bit mad? Eh...possibly. She's asking fans to fork out for a plastic tray...

Gwyneth Paltrow put her stiletto-clad foot in it recently. What did she do? Well, she thought she was doing her fans a favour by giving them the chance to buy something that she owned.

Sounds like a bit of fun, right? But let’s just say that Gwyneth’s following weren’t exactly pleased when they saw the object in question and the ridiculous price tag associated with it.

The Irish Daily Mail reports that the star recently offered fans the chance to buy a plastic tray from her. Gwyneth made the offer in her online Goop newsletter.

Plastic tray: yours for only €255…

Now, we don’t know about you, but we were expecting an old pair of her shoes or maybe something small from a film she once starred in. Some eyebrows were raised when we realised she was offering up a plastic tray. Like, who would want that? Seriously?

Our eyebrows rose even further when we saw how much Gwyneth was flogging it off for. Brace yourself…the star wanted a jaw-dropping $270 (that’s around €255 to us). Shocking, right?

In a bid to shift the unwanted plastic tray, Gwyneth described it as being made from ‘laser-etched acrylic’ and said that it was made by the furniture designer Alexandra von Furstenberg. She also said that the tray had ‘a special luminosity.’

Eh…luminosity or not, we definitely wouldn’t fork out €255 for it…

“Use it as a vanity tray for perfume and cosmetics, take it to the office for an elegant display, or to the living room as a centrepiece; it makes a statement in any room,” Gwyneth wrote in her newsletter.

If somehow, the above has made you want to drop over €200 on the plastic tray we have some bad news for you – it is only available for delivery in the US. Yes, we know. How disappointing.

Anyway ladies, views? Thoughts? Has Gwyneth gone a bit mad? And, more importantly, would you seriously considering buying it?