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15th Aug 2012

Gwen Stefani Joins The New Celeb Trend And Plans To Renew Marriage Vows

The No Doubt singer is on top of the world as she plans to renew her vows, add to her family brood and release her first record in eleven years.

The new celebrity trend is to prove to everyone you love your partner so much that saying ‘I do’ once isn’t enough, you need to tie the knot a second time.

Amanda Holden was the first celebrity to announce her marriage vows renewal this morning and now singer Gwen Stefani has hopped aboard the nuptial trend and is doing the same.

The popstar and her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale are secretly planning to tie the knot again to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, but the beans have been spilled.

A friend of the 42-year-old singer told the Daily Star newspaper today that the couple are remarrying on September 14th.

“They feel like they’ve fallen in love all over again,” the source said.  

Gwen, who got married to Gavin, 46, in 2002 in Covent Garden, London, is also telling friends that the couple are planning to adopt and add to their family. At the moment the pair have two children.

Apparently the main reason Gwen and her husband are choosing the route of adoption is because the No Doubt singer feels she is getting too old to bear a child herself.

The insider continued; “They’d also love another baby, but Gwen thinks because of her age adoption is the way forward.”

The singer seems to be on top of the world as she also recently announced the No Doubt crew had just made “the album of their lives.”

The band are confident their first record in eleven years, ‘Push and Shove’, is worth the wait and said they are “so proud” of the finished product.

They are promising No Doubt fans a major comeback.