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16th Aug 2019

Greg and Amber are both in Ireland and they’re absolutely adorable together

They’ve been away from each other for quite some time.

Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill came out victorious on this year’s Love Island.

After the show ended, they jetted back to the UK together where he spent some time, before coming home to huge crowds in Limerick.

They have been separated ever since but now Amber has touched down in Ireland and they both documented the arrival on Instagram.

Amber shared an adorable selfie of them in a car together and captioned it, “back together,” along with a red heart.

Greg on the other hand shared a video of Amber getting into the car, and he sounded absolutely delighted that she was back with him.

In the video he’s heard saying: “Look who has arrived! There she is. Woooo. The queen, get in there! Go on!”

Very excited indeed.

It’s not yet known what Greg and Amber will get up to while in Ireland but we’re guessing it might be a couple of nightclub appearances… or, you never know, they might stay down in Limerick and spend some quality time alone together!