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05th Jul 2012

Gorgeous George vs. Beautiful Brad

They're the best of pals, and fawned over by women across the globe. But which one's hotter? Michelle and Rebecca argue the merits of two of Hollywood's hottest leading men.

Michelle says: George

Brad Pitt is a babe. No question. But put him up against his BFF Gorgeous George, and for me it would have to be ‘bye-bye Brad, come on in Clooney’. 

Ever since the days of ER and Dr. Doug Ross, George Clooney has captured the hearts of women from Texas to Tallaght to Timbuktu (probably). His stint in the show throughout the latter half of the 90’s had both our very young selves and indeed our mothers, weak at the knees. It’s nice to share an interest with your mammy. 

Then he left, and broke our fragile teen hearts, not to mind Nurse Carol Hathaway’s. The move to the big screen was already well underway though, and ever since we’ve had a steady stream of cracking performances from the silver fox.

So he’s a great actor, and he’s good looking. But what’s that something special that just makes George shoot to the top of so many ‘I would’ lists for ladies? And moreover, why is he officially ‘Better Than Brad’?

He’s a playboy. Not what you look for in a life partner, naturally, but this is fantasyland and that romantic notion of the suave bachelor who just hasn’t found what he’s looking for? Well, it has us dreaming. ‘It’s me! I could be the one!’ As long as he’s not settled down, there’s still hope.

He’s got a cracking sense of humour. Well known for his love of practical jokes, it’s safe to assume he’d make us laugh every day of our lives together. We like that, a lot.

He’s not with Angelina Jolie. Win.

He’s Irish. Papers prove his great-great-grandfather came from Kilkenny. We’ve already got so much in common. Sure he was recently hanging out in Cork for heaven’s sake. Brad prefers France. Meh.

So beautiful but bland Brad can stay where he’s at, but I’m begging – come back to the Emerald Isle again Clooney. I’ll show you where the hotspots are in Clare this time, (it’s only beautiful), and while we’re there I’ll take you home to mammy, she’s a very big fan. 


Rebecca says: Brad

I’ll admit George Clooney does have it all. He’s got the charm, the sense of humour and the killer smile. And if he walked into the office right now, I would probably faint on the spot (and I’m not a fainter).

My only redemption would be that he would, if his public persona is anything to go by, probably sweep me up into his arms until I came around and agreed to fly to Paris and marry him. Aaahh…

Right, sorry, supposed to be going for Brad Pitt.

While George has possessed a small part of my heart ever since the days of Dr Doug in ER, Brad took a whole lot more when he took his shirt off in Fight Club!

I mean, I could have grated cheese on that six-pack and it didn’t matter that his character Tyler Durden wasn’t real in the end (apologies if I spoiled the ending for anyone there) but he was to me! The fact that Brad managed to look hot with a bloody face and black eye just tells you how gorgeous he was.

He had the body and the charm. He even reminded me a little bit of George with his confidence, swagger and equally deadly smile.

And the fact that he fell madly in love with a woman that I adored for her hair and the fact that she starred in one of my favourite shows ever just made him seem even more dreamy and lovely. I’m referring to Jennifer Aniston by the way. 

Then everything changed.

Angelina Jolie came along and I’ll admit my obsession waned to the point where I actually took my Brad Bitt calendar down from the wall and promised never to let myself get so carried away with a Hollywood star ever again!

But despite all that and the fact that I’m very much Team Aniston, I held on to the month of June from my calendar and every so often I have a peek at the old Brad who starred in Fight Club and beats George hands down…