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08th Feb 2013

Good Week/Bad Week: Morning After Night Before, Dodgy Snaps And A Leather Skirt, Celebs Who Had It Good And Bad This Week

Another sweetness and scandal...


Good Week/Bad Week is where we take a look back at the rich and famous that had a bad week in Celebland, if for nothing else, just to make ourselves feel better!

To make it fair, we’ll also give a shout-out to the crowd that had a good week, although that obviously won’t be as much fun…

Good Week


We had to give this super lady a shout-out in Good Week. The Queen of Pop absolutely smashed it at last Sunday’s Super Bowl and has dominated the celebrity news because of it all this week. Even these somewhat dodgy snaps of her performance couldn’t turn us off her… she is quite literally magic.

In the words of Willow, I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth…

David Beckham

So Beckham’s H&M ad was launched this week. To cut a fantastically physical ad of the footballer short it involves him running in his underwear like a superhero over bushes and through swimming pools.

You can watch the glory of it all here.

Bradley Cooper

…or rather the lucky lady he has decided he’s going to bring to the Oscars. We are so, so jealous right now but this woman does deserve it.

Bradley and his Silver Linings co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

Bad Week


Not only did she accompany her boyfriend Chris Brown to court this week (he faked his community service hours), but the Bajan beauty sported her outfit from the night before. Oh no. Rihanna, we need to sit you down and talk to you about a few things.

Kanye West

We don’t think people have caught onto the fact that you can’t just delete stuff from the internet (see Bey’s publicist above). The photo has more than likely been published, shared, copied, pasted, photographed etc… especially if it’s as funny as this one. Kanye has contacted photo agency GettyImages and asked them to remove all the photos of him wearing that fetching leather skirt at the Hurricane Sandy memorial gig. Kanye love, you can’t just delete things from the internet.

Kanye is seriously regretting his leather skirt style choice…

Lady Gaga

The eclectic singer’s former assistant is suing her for alleged unpaid overtime and the fact that she was forced to share a bed with the singer. Ouch. How embarrassing Gaga…


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