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19th Jul 2012

Getting The Shift: Michelle Keegan “Doesn’t Mind” if Max George Kisses Other Women

Yesterday pictures surfaced of Max from The Wanted kissing a mysterious blonde. Surprisingly enough, his girlfriend doesn't seem to care...

How would you feel if a random woman tried to shift your boyfriend in front of you? Chances are you wouldn’t be too pleased…unless you’re Michelle Keegan, who seems perfectly okay with people lobbing the gob at her other half.

The Irish Sun reports that the actress has simply laughed off the pictures of her man, Max George from The Wanted, having his face worn off him by a blonde. Eh…sound girlfriend? Wait, we’re confused.

Yesterday we told you all about Max who claims he was victimised when a female fan kissed him on the lips. Basically he was meeting fans, and the blonde got a little too excited and decided to get stuck in. Unfortunately for Max, there just happened to be a photographer from The Sun standing beside the pair.

Max and Michelle have been a couple since 2010.

Anyway, rather than freaking out over the incident, Michelle doesn’t seem to care.

“I don’t mind,” she insisted.

“He even gets kissed when I’m with him,” she added.

Michelle even said that Max isn’t the only one who gets accosted on nights out – apparently men try and grab a cheeky kiss off her when she’s out and about.

“When you go out with someone in one of the biggest boybands in Britain you have to expect this sort of thing,” she reportedly told a friend.

“It happens all the time, even when I’m with him. Women just rush up and kiss him. I’m relaxed about it. Blokes do it to me too. It comes with the job,” she said.

While Michelle wasn’t around on Saturday night when it kissing incident occurred, a spokesperson for Max said that the singer was approached by a fan “and got slightly more than he bargained for.”