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13th Apr 2019

Game of Thrones is going to be ‘bigger, badder and bolder’ than ever in season 8

Keeley Ryan

“You can see it on the screen.”

Game of Thrones highly anticipated season 8 is going to be “bigger, badder and bolder” than any of the others, according to Liam Cunningham.

On Friday night, many of the cast members assembled in Belfast for the premiere of the final season.

Her had the chance to talk to Liam Cunningham about what fans can expect from season 8 and why he feels Game of Thrones couldn’t have been done anywhere else.

The actor promised fans that season 8 was going to be “epic”, continuing:

“When [HBO] get behind something, they really get behind it. This is their big baby – the last season of this, they basically said ‘what do you want?’

“The guys are responsible enough that they allowed it to be huge.

“You just have to look at the statistics. From seasons 1-6, we were six months shooting 10 episodes. On this season, we were a year shooting six.

“Obviously, that takes a huge amount of money; a huge amount of logistics and production value and all that. And you can see it on the screen.

“It’s bigger, badder and bolder than all the other [seasons].”

The actor praised Northern Ireland – which has more than two dozen filming locations – as the “home of Game of Thrones”, as he revealed why he didn’t think the show could’ve been made anywhere else.

He continued:


“It’s the best here. It’s the home of Game of Thrones, you couldn’t have done [the show] anywhere else.

“If you think about the logistics, the size of the project. For us to have a castle 20 minutes away, a harbour half an hour away – this would’ve cost billions to make in any other country.

“And it’s all so compact; we never had to travel more than an hour. And when you’ve got a production this size, you needed that proximity. Northern Ireland made it feasible. We’re indebted to it.”

  • Game of Thrones S8 airs on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on Monday April 15 at 2am & 9pm.