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17th Aug 2014

Former Eastenders Actress Reveals She Is Back On Cocaine

The actress revealed the news in a newspaper interview.


Former Eastenders actress Danniella Westbrook has revealed she has started taking cocaine again.

Danniella told The Sun on Sunday she is terrified of people thinking she is “worthless scum” and blames a tough year for turning to drugs.

Daniella, who was clean for 12 years, explained how she was dealing with the breakdown of her relationship with then boyfriend Tom Richards when she tried the drug again:

“I was out in Spain with Tom and we had a massive argument after his drink was spiked. He flew back and I was in the company of some people there.

“I was offered coke and I took it. The most frightening thing was I didn’t think about it at all, I just f*cking did it and that’s probably more scary than planning it.”

Danniella revealed she has taken cocaine around half a dozen times in the past four months, but limits herself to under a gram each time.

The soap star was just 15 when she first took cocaine, and was forced to undergo surgery to have her nasal septum rebuilt following her heavy addiction in the 1990s.

“I have cheapened myself,” she told The Sun on Sunday, “I have cheapened who I am, but that is a direct example of what drugs and alcohol do.”

Image via Sunday Mirror



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