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14th Aug 2012

Former BB Star Chantelle Admits Alex Moved Out

Chantelle Houghton has admitted in her magazine column that her relationship with Alex is fragile...

Chantelle Houghton recently admitted that her relationship with fiancé cage-fighter Alex Reid was becoming strained. And now it seems like the mother-of-one could be losing hope for their future.

The former Big Brother contestant revealed this week in her new! magazine column that Reid, the father of her daughter, temporarily moved out of their home last week.

Although she didn’t go into detail as to why Alex left, it has been reported that the couple had been arguing over Reid’s sexual preferences. The cagefighter enjoys dressing up as a woman and Chantelle thinks the habit is inappropriate now that he is a father.

Chantelle gave birth to their baby girl Dolly two months ago.

In her column she wrote;

“He stayed at his mum’s and didn’t come back for a week. Now he’s back but that’s all I want to say about it at the moment.”

She also spoke of her public Twitter argument with Alex’s former business partner, Richard Curson, who claimed that Alex tried to kiss him.

She wrote;

“I had a Twitter war with Alex’s former business partner, Richard Curson, last week. I saw that he sold a story about me to another magazine once again. It’s a shame he won’t pick up the phone to me if he feels I need to know the truth. I’m all ears!”

Last week, the 28-year-old revealed in her column that her relationship with Alex had become “strained” amidst various reports and rumours. Chantelle wrote her column as friends said she’s not sure her whether her relationship with her fiancé will last. She said she thinks she may have rushed into the relationship but wants it to work for Dolly’s sake.

“I might have rushed into it, I don’t want to marry if I’ll be unhappy,” she said.

“I’d rather be a single mum.”