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04th Sep 2012

Forget Prince Harry, It’s More Like Prince Charming!

The Royal, who has arguably been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, showed everyone just how sweet and funny he could be last night.

Rebecca McKnight

Prince Harry showed everyone the other, fully-clothed, side of his personality at the Wellchild Awards in London last night.

It was the 27 year old’s first public appearance since the whole Las Vegas scandal and by the looks of it, it went without so much as a blip.

In saying that, one particular guest had planned on embarrassing the Prince. Six year old Alex Logan revealed on television yesterday that he was going to say, ‘Glad you’ve got your clothes on, Prince Harry,’ when he met him.

Harry joked with Alex about what he was going to say on the night.

But when the time came, the rather cheeky and very charming Prince beat him to it. He said to Alex, ‘You keep looking up at your mum. It looks like you’re dying to say something but you’re worried she’ll tell you off.’

Then he told the boy that he’d heard about his plan: ‘I heard you were on ITV earlier and said something cheeky but let’s not talk about that here.’

Alex, who was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of three, agreed before happily posing beside Harry and his toy penguin with the other children.

The Wellchild Awards celebrate the bravery of seriously ill children and those who make the difference in their lives every year.

In fact Harry was said to be worried that this would be overshadowed on the night. A source revealed: ‘He was concerned that the furore would detract from the Wellchild cause. That was his main worry – he wanted to make sure it was all about the children.’

Harry with Alex, his penguin and other children who were being celebrated.

And that’s exactly what he did. Harry spent the entire night posing for photographs and laughing with all of the kids before making a speech.

In it he said, ‘All of you are, quite frankly, too remarkable for me to adequately describe with mere words,’ before continuing, ‘But never one to be shy in coming forward… I’ll give it a go.’

Isn’t he just lovely?


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