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14th Apr 2014

Fight Breaks Out During Miley Cyrus Concert – Singer Stops To RECORD It

She's all kinds of classy is our Miley.

Concert safety apparently isn’t top of Miley Cyrus’ list. The Wrecking Ball singer took out her phone on stage at the weekend to film fans fighting in her audience.

During a gig in Detroit, Michigan, two female fans caught the singer’s attention when a fight broke out. The brutal attack shows the women pulling at each other’s hair as security and members of the crowd tear the women apart.

Concert-goers later told TV reporters that Miley addressed the fight, telling her fans:

“I’m gonna be searching for this YouTube video. I got it all on camera. It’s gonna get so many views. There’s f**king fights at our shows!”

The fight, and Miley’s filming was caught by another audience member. Nice to see she’s keeping it classy.

Video via FeimLive