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13th Jul 2022

Fans think Paige won’t leave Love Island following Jacques departure

Ellen Fitzpatrick

What a night.

Last night we saw a very dramatic turn of events on Love Island when Jacques revealed to his fellow islanders that he was leaving the show.

After being coupled up with Paige for most of his time in the villa, he gave an emotional goodbye to her and the others.

He and Paige finally made up after her return from Casa Amor where she discovered he hadn’t been as loyal as she had, and as soon as she forgave him, ex-islander Adam Collard entered the villa.

As he made his way for Paige, Jacques called him a “f**king nothing” when he heard what had been said about him by Adam, and many fans think this is the reason he has decided to leave.

Jacques said he was leaving to figure out his own issues and couldn’t be himself in the villa, urging Paige to continue her journey and he’d wait for her but fans are convinced she won’t leave with him.

One person tweeted: “Nah Paige isn’t serious. If she liked him that much she’d leave with him in my opinion.”

Another said: “I can’t shake the feeling that if Paige has all intentions of still being with Jaques then she would leave now.”

A third said: “Paige literally just said that she’s not impressed by Jacques growth and doesn’t think he’ll make a good partner, so why the hell would she leave with him? Let’s be sensible not biased!”

A fourth wrote: “Not even to rinse the Theo joke but if Paige genuinely gave a damn she would leave with Jacques but she’s not even pretending to consider it, she’s not even faking a “I’ll go with you!!!””