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27th Sep 2023

Fans theories say Taylor Swift predicted her new relationship in analysis of old song lyrics

Jody Coffey

Fans are convinced that Taylor Swift ‘predicted’ her relationship with Travis Kelce after dissecting old lyrics.

Whether real or imagined, it’s pretty believable once you revise the lyrics in question, and we all know how much Taylor enjoys a good Easter egg.

Speculation has been mounting as of late that the Bad Blood singer was romantically linked with NFL star Travis Kelce, and since the pair were spotted hanging out, as well as Tay-Tay attending his NFL game at Arrowhead Stadium, it has sent fans into frenzy, and it seems, into detective mode.

As of now, neither Taylor nor Travis have publicly confirmed the relationship, but they haven’t denied it either.

While we eagerly await updates, theories have now begun to emerge that she predicted or even manifested this alleged relationship with Travis.

Haley Hoffman Smith, a manifestation and breakthrough coach, uploaded a video on Instagram analysing some key lyrics and synchronicities that she believes is a sign that Taylor and Travis could be ‘soulmates’.

“Here are the most magical divine little signs around the Taylor Swift Travis Kelce ‘situationship’ or whatever is going on there that makes me believe in soulmates and fate,” Haley writes.

She goes on to point out some interesting lyrics from Taylor’s song Cornelia Street that appeared on the 2019 album Lover which are: “Filling in the blanks as we go / As if the street lights pointed in an arrowhead / Leading us home.”

Now, before you pull out your Swiftie trivia, I know: Cornelia Street was written about her ex, Joe Alwyn. But, as Although the song was written about her ex Joe Alwyn. But, Haley reminds fans of the use of ‘arrowhead leading us home’ in the lyrics.

Arrowhead Stadium was were Taylor was spotted with Travis’ mum Donna when watching him play with the Kansas City Chiefs over the weekend, the same pictures that went viral.

The ever-observant manifestation coach also added more fuel to the fire by pointing out that Travis shares a birthday with Taylor’s beloved grandma Marjorie, (conscience, possibly).

In her 2009 song, Mary’s Song, Taylor sings: “I’ll be 87 / You’ll be 89” – and, as fans know, Travis’ team number is 87, and they’re both born in 1989.

And lastly, if the rumours are true, Travis would be Taylor’s 13th public boyfriend, and any real Swifties know how much the number 13 means to the Cruel Summer songstress.

Fans immediately flocked to the comments to dissect the theory.

“The universe really pulled a TS on TS,” one wrote.

“Man, if this doesn’t give you hope and trust the synchronicities that you are getting.. I don’t know what will!! Thanks Haley for connecting these dots and sharing!!” another added.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one connecting dots and sayin’ it out loud!” one user added.

“Also they are both 33 I believe? And 3333 has a special meaning,” another joined in.

The Easter eggs alone, whether conscience or not, is enough to convince me that these two are soulmates.

I am a believer of this theory!