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18th Mar 2021

Fans praise “unbelievably brave” Caroline Flack documentary

Caroline Flack

“She wasn’t perfect but she had this ‘thing’ – and people did love her.”

The Caroline Flack documentary aired last night on Channel 4 and fans have praised all involved especially her family and friends who opened up about the star’s life and her tragic death.

Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death aired last night, just a year after Caroline took her life in her home in London. Viewers took to social media to express their thoughts and heartbreak for the presenter after watching the doc.

caroline flack

One Twitter user wrote: “The #CarolineFlack documentary is just so incredibly sad. I know it’s easy to say this but it should be a reminder to us all to judge our words carefully. None of us truly know what others are going through.”

Caroline’s family were involved with the documentary as well as some close friends including Ollie Murs. Caroline’s mother get it was important to make the once-off documentary to show viewers the real side of her daughter.

Her mum told Tyla “she was a fun loving person but she had this other side that she suffered with depression and downtimes and just bad times and she had them for a long while.”

“She wasn’t an awful girl. She wasn’t horrible. She wasn’t perfect but she had this ‘thing’ – and people did love her.”

The documentary looks back on the life of the star from when she was young, growing up with her twin sister, to the last few months of her life, her family were very about mental health and the issues Caroline faced.

One Twitter user tweeted: “How brave are Caroline’s mum and sister, talking about the many suicide attempts of Caroline even before she was famous, such a hard thing to have dealt with in all their lives, so desperately sad #CarolineFlack”

Another Twitter user said “Caroline Flack’s family were unbelievably brave in that documentary, the world is a cruel place at times.”

Paloma Faith tweeted: “Just watched the Caroline Flack documentary and cried a lot. Very moving tribute but also so important to acknowledge and open a dialogue about the impact of social media and media and the responsibility of those who abuse those platforms to revel in public facing figures demise.”