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05th Aug 2012

Ellen Page Reaches Out To Police to Deal With Crazed Stalker

The actress is fearful after receiving death threats from a vicious Twitter user


Actress Ellen Page claims a crazed fan is stalking her and terrorising her Twitter account.

The Juno star has reported the man to the Los Angeles Police Department in order to protect herself.

According to TMZ, The LAPD sent a search warrant to Twitter, requesting information about two separate Twitter accounts that they believe are being used to abuse the actress online.

Page’s stalker warned that if she didn’t end relationship with Alexander Skarsgard she would be targeted

The search warrant states that the two accounts were used to send threatening messages to Page in June.

The police have stated that the death threats coincide with a strange telephone call received by the non profit organisation that runs the LA Film Festival where Ellen premiered her latest film To Rome with Love in June.

The stalker said that unless the actress finished her relationship with Alexander Skarsgard she would be attacked.

The actress has not confirmed a relationship with the True Blood star.