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26th May 2014

Ed Sheeran To Open Youth Club In His Hometown

What a guy.

Sue Murphy

Ed Sheeran continues on his mission to basically conquer the hearts of everyone on the planet with the news that he plans to open a Youth Club in his hometown.

According to the Sun, Sheeran is particularly excited about the project and has apparently spent £1.6 million sterling on a former police station in Suffolk to house the club.

“I’m really excited about the project. I had a youth club from when I was 12 when I grew up and they did a battle of the bands every week and that’s where I and other bands started playing, “Sheeran told the paper.”

“Then the land the club was on was sold… and I just went off to London and did shows instead. Now there’s no youth club and nothing to do so it’s a bad situation.”

The singer also spoke about how the club features in his plans for retirement: “The plan when I get older is to end up running that (the youth club) – so I have pretty much planned my retirement.”

Could he be any more adorable?


Ed Sheeran