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04th Aug 2012

Ed Sheeran Reveals That One Direction’s Harry Styles is Blessed in a Certain Department

The singer reveals all about his friend’s asset.


One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is blessed in a certain area according to his red haired friend Ed Sheeran.

Ed revealed all about his friend’s asset on Australia’s 2Day FM and said Harry is very fortunate.

During the radio show the Lego House singer spoke about the day he saw his boyband pal in the nip after getting aboard the One Direction tour bus.

“I turned around and Harry had stripped off completely naked, just sitting there laughing.

“Literally, I was I was just looking out the window watching cars going past.

“I turn around, all the boys are kind of shocked and there’s him laughing completely naked.”

Ed Sheeran revealed all about his friend’s asset

Australian DJ Matty Acton asked a question probably on the minds of all Harry Styles fans (18+ of course).

He asked: “How’s he packing?”

Ed Sheeran divulged that Harry “is packing heat.”

The red head revealed his incredibly small hands on the Graham Norton Show last year and we all know what that means. is mystified as to why a naked Harry Styles was dancing around the One Direction tour bus and even more perplexed that Ed felt the need to tell us of the experience.

Put your pants on Harry, especially in the company of those with big mouths!