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09th Aug 2012

Did Kim Kardashian Accidentally Step on a Sheep? No, They’re Just Her New Kanye Heels…

Kim Kardashian has been wearing some...interesting...heels lately...

Did Kim Kardashian accidentally step on a sheep? Well, no, but that’s what it looks like in a few recent pictures. Let’s just say that the reality TV star has been sporting some, ahem, interesting heels.

HeatWorld reports that Kim was snapped out and about in New York today with her boyfriend Kanye West rocking what has to be the most horrific pair of shoes we’ve ever seen.

Kim shoes off her shoes in a bathroom (of all places).

Why was Kim (who is usually so stylish) rocking these eyesores? Well because they were designed by…wait for it…Kanye! The things we do for love, hmm?

The sheep-like shoes were designed by Kanye for Guiseppe Zanottti and if you were to toddle down to the nearest luxury shoe shop, you could get a pair of your own for a whipping $6,000 (that’s almost €5,000 to us!).

Let’s take a closer look at these bad boys:

Kim’s crazy shoes (left).

Well ladies, would you pay the bones of five grand for them? Yeah…we didn’t think so…on the plus side, they’d probably keep your feet warm if it started to snow. But then again, given the fact that they’re stilettos, aside from keeping your feet warm they wouldn’t be very useful if Ireland iced over this winter.

Then again, you could always use them as fuel for your fire…

But this isn’t the first time Kim has rocked a pair of Kanye’s crazy shoes. Last week she Instagrammed a photo of herself wearing some ridiculous over-the-knee black bondage-style boots along with the caption: “Killin’ it today in my Kanye West boots!”

Kim’s bondage boots, also designed by Kanye.

Ladies, in all honesty, would you ever wear a pair of shoes/boots that your boyfriend designed?