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23rd Jul 2014

Déjà Vu?! Garth Brooks Tribute Weekend Cancelled Due To Residents Complaints


Ah here… 

The name ‘Garth Brooks’ and words such as ‘cancelled’, ‘residents’ and ‘complaints’ have become etched on the memory of the Irish nation in the last number of weeks and just when we thought those words would never sit in the same sentence ever again, here they are…

Various Dublin pubs and clubs are hosting Garth Brooks tribute nights, none of which will sadly ever measure up to the real thing but promise to ease the sorrow of several thousand adoring fans.

Today, Lower Baggot Street pub Doheny Nesbitts feel Croke Park’s pain after residential complaints have ended their country fun scheduled for this weekend.

The pub had GB festivities planned and sadly the festivities have been shortened to just one lousy day… Monday club anyone?!

Is this real life?! Is this actually happening…

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