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09th Aug 2012

David Walliams and Sir Elton John Moon Music Mogul Simon Cowell on Recent Holiday

The stars bared their bums for Simon and showed him the full moon in St. Tropez.


Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams and Sir Elton John saluted music boss Simon Cowell by revealing their bare bums on a recent trip to St. Tropez.

The stars mooned their friend Simon as his boat passed theirs as they sailed down the French Riviera.

Lara Stone looked on as Elton and her husband mooned Simon

According to The Irish Sun, funny man David shouted “I’ve got something for you” before baring his backside to Cowell.

Sir Elton followed shortly afterwards and David shouted, “love you Simon” before blowing him a kiss.

David’s wife, model Lara Stone was giggling as she watched the mischief unfold.

Sir Elton John mooned Simon Cowell

Maybe Sir Elton was just angry that Simon’s boat was ten times bigger than his. is not thrilled that the image of Elton John’s bare bum is now etched into our mind for the day. Ew.