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26th Oct 2012

Dave Fanning Won’t Be Filling His Stockings With Gerry Ryan’s Memoir Because He Doesn’t Like Fiction

The DJ said he believes Melanie Verwoerd’s tell-all-book is not true to his good friend Gerry.


There has been a lot of natter about Melanie Verwoerd’s new book When We Dance, in which she has penned the most intimate details of her life with the late radio legend Gerry Ryan.

However, RTÉ DJ Dave Fanning revealed that he won’t be picking up a copy of the book because it is insulting to his good friend Gerry’s memory.

According to The Irish Independent, Dave said: “I like reading biographies, fiction is not really my thing.”

Melanie’s new book, When We Dance is in stores now

In response to Dave’s comments Melanie said: “People should read ‘When We Dance’ and form their own opinion based on the actual content.

“The book tells the true story of my life. As someone who has fought for freedom of speech all my life, I respect everyone’s right to comment on what I say in the book — but only after they have actually read the book,” she said.

Even Paul Howard, Ross O’Carroll Kelly creater, has stuck his nose in, standing up for Melanie.

“I feel terribly sorry for Melanie Verwoerd the way the establishment, and media establishment, is closing ranks. I have an instinctive hatred to that sort of thing,” he said.

“Whether she was right or wrong to write the book, we have something in this country called free speech and she should be allowed to tell her story. That is sad to see in the Ireland of 2012. There was a legal issue (about this book) which had to go to court but the legal issue didn’t relate to the idea of Melanie Verwoerd writing her book, which she is perfectly entitled to do,” he said.

When We Dance hit the book shelves yesterday afternoon and has already sold out in Eason booksellers on O’Connell Street. 

Will you be picking up a copy of the controversail biography?


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