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25th Jan 2023

Dani Dyer shares dad Danny’s reaction to news she’s having twins

Ellen Fitzpatrick

An iconic response.

Last week, Love Island winner Dani Dyer revealed the happy news that she is expecting twins this year, but it’s her dad’s reaction that is the best one yet.

And not only has Danny but he’s also spoken about the news that his daughter is having identical twins.

This morning, the 26 year old confirmed that her two babies are not fraternal and while doing so, she showed fans the hilarious response her actor father gave when he found out.

Dani text the Eastenders star: “We’re having twins.”

And of course, the only natural response was: “Hold up, are you f*****g joking me?”

Already mum to one-year-old son Santiago who she shares with her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence, Dani replied: “Dad, I can’t believe it, they missed it on the scan and now it’s come up as identical twins.”

“WTF. Oh my f*****g god,” Danny hilarious hit back with.

Sharing a picture of her growing baby bump, Dani told her followers: “Jarrod has twins on this side of the family. However, we’re having identical twins so they don’t run in families.

“Anyone can have them. Which I never knew until we found out.”

The Love Island star confirmed she found out she was pregnant with twins during her 12-week scan. She admitted she didn’t believe it at first.

She told her followers, “We didn’t believe it at first. It was a really special moment.”

Dani said she was stunned when she found out she was pregnant with twins because her 8-week scan only showed one baby.

She added, “I had an early scan at like eight weeks and they only picked up one baby.”

Dani confirmed she is almost five months pregnant meaning she will give birth this spring.

The soon-to-be mum-of-three said she will welcome her twins via C-Section after doctors advised against a vaginal delivery.

The reality star and her boyfriend have been together since 2021, but they confirmed their relationship in December 2021.

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