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26th Jul 2012

Dáithí Ó Sé Can’t Handle the Pace of Married Life

For the days following his wedding to Rita Talty, the television star had to head to bed early because he was so tired from the whole thing. 

Before his wedding it was reported that Dáithí Ó Sé was being advised about what to do on his wedding night but he wasn’t unfortunately told how tiring the whole ordeal was going to be.

The television star has revealed that he was so wrecked from the celebrations that he had to head to bed early on numerous occasions with his new wife Rita Talty.

Dáithí also admitted to the Irish Daily Star that the couple’s honeymoon didn’t exactly go to plan either. The 36 year old had to fork out extra money for his breakfast when in Amsterdam.

In true Irish style he made sure he got his money’s worth: ‘I filled five plates full of food and she (the waitress) looked at me with distaste the fourth time I went up.’

To be honest Dáithí, we’d do exactly the same!