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17th Nov 2012

Cutie Chris O’Dowd Turned to Comedy to Get Women

The comedian-turned-film-star has revealed that he started telling jokes in order to improve his love life...

Rebecca McKnight

He might well be a heartthrob now, thanks to Bridesmaids and Moone Boy, but Chris O’Dowd has admitted that he wasn’t always as popular with the ladies.

In fact the 33-year-old, who married presenter Dawn Porter earlier this year, said that he learned from a young age that his looks weren’t going to get him anywhere in the romance department.

No longer unlucky in love: Chris married Dawn in August of this year.

During an interview with Tatler Man, on which he appears next month, he said: “When I was 13 I realised girls weren’t going to kiss me because I was a gigantic, weird-looking creature. I was 6ft, aged 11.”

But he did have one female fan in the form of his supportive mother: “My mum would say encouraging things to me like I hadn’t grown into my face yet.”

Chris explained how he then turned to jokes to meet girls and that it was successful: “I realised that if I was to have any notions of romance it would have to come from a joke… It sowed the seed for the rest of my life. It’s how I met Dawn.”

So he’s sweet, funny and cute: we really don’t see how any woman could ever turn Chris O’Dowd down!


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