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12th Aug 2012

Craig Doyle Doesn’t Mind Criticism, But Can’t Understand Personal Attacks

The Irish TV presenter says he cannot understand when the criticism gets personal...

Irish television presenter Craig Doyle doesn’t care what anyone says about any of his shows, just so long as it doesn’t get personal.

The TV host has been criticised for his past programmes which have included ‘The Social’, ‘Tonight with Craig Doyle’ and ‘The Panel’.

But the Dubliner says he is more confident than ever about his upcoming second series of ‘Craig Doyle Live’.

“I’m not remotely nervous,” he told the Irish Sun.

“I think we hit it at the end. You’re nervous when it’s not working, it’s not a great experience. When it starts working, you’re edgy then because you can’t believe it is working.

“That’s when it is in a good flow like it was at the end of the last season, you just think ‘great’.

“Most importantly, the atmosphere in the studio was good. When you’re doing a duff show you feel it. But in this studio it has been a riot. You can’t get the audience to leave. You’re sitting there at one in the morning trying to get everyone to go home. So that’s been a really nice experience, it’s been positive.”

Craig says it will make a nice change to return to the same television crew for a second series and know what to expect. The Irishman said he is happy to take criticism on board but can’t understand the personal attacks he has been subjected to and suffered from in the past.

“Getting a hard time is part of the gig,” he said, “What I don’t like is the personal attacks, I think they are offensive.”

Craig Doyle is well-known for his TV and radio ads, most specifically the UPC television advert and says he regularly gets people shouting at him asking about his broadband speed.

Despite the slagging, Doyle said the adverts are practical.

“I only do three but they are a practical side to the job. They pay well. I have four kids at home, they don’t give a damn as long as there is food on the table and shoes on their feet.”

Craig admits he wants to get Ryan Tubridy on his show as a guest this series to show people how much fun the 39-year-old can be.