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17th Jul 2015

Corrie Actress Dismisses Reports Of A Sally and Kevin Webster Reunion

Reports had suggested one of our favourite soap couples were set to reunite.

Reports earlier this week had suggested that one of soap’s most popular couples, Coronation Street’s Sally and Kevin Webster, were set for a reunion.

However, actress Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Webster, has spoken out to say that there isn’t any truth in the rumours.

In conversation with The Sun, the 52-year-old said: “Of course part of me did want Sally and Kevin to get back together, because I enjoy working with Michael Le Vell so much.

corrie sally
Sally is now dating Tim

“But once they’d introduced Tim, I suddenly thought there was a different dimension to Sally. And if they had put Sally and Kevin back together, what would we have done? I don’t really know where we could have gone with it.

“It’s the perfect scenario that Kevin and Tim get on so well and I’m in the middle. l love the fact that’s happened because I love working with Michael and I didn’t want to stop working with him. I love the dynamic with Tim and Sally too”.

Iconic soap couple Sally and Kevin had a tumultous marriage, they got together in 1986 and were on and off until they finally split in 2009.

Sally and Kevin won’t be reuniting anytime soon