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14th Aug 2012

Colour me Ryan: Ryan Gosling has Become the Subject of a Colouring Book? WTF?!

The Canadian actor now has a colouring book named after him, that actually stars him as the main character. Eh...we don't even know what to say about this one...

If you always assumed that colouring books were just for kids, think again ladies because there’s a new colouring book in town and this one features the hotness that is Ryan Gosling.

Yes, you can now purchase a book that will actually allow you to colour in your own Gosling! We’re being deadly serious, we swear!

The Irish Independent reports that the tongue-in-cheek publication, which has affectionately been called Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling, features 15 pages of black and white sketches of the actor that you can add a splash of colour to yourself.

Amazing or what? Now…where did we put that packet of crayons?

The Ryan Gosling colouring book.

So what can you expect from a Ryan Gosling colouring book? Well, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Each sketch features the lovely Ryan in various poses  – you can colour him in as he drives, kisses, eats, smokes or sits on a bench with a dog – the artistic possibilities are absolutely endless!

The book, which has been brought into the world by UK publishing company I Love Mel, is reportedly flying off the shelves as Gosling devotees flock to get their hands on a copy.

What do you think? Would you happily waste a few hours colouring in your very own Ryan or would you find the entire thing too stressful? (We all remember the sheer pressure of lightly using a pink crayon so it looked skin-coloured).

Which male celeb would you love to colour in? Eh…we mean that literally, so no durty answers please!