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11th Jul 2012

Christine Bleakley Sets the Record Straight About Her Big Day

There have been so many rumours surrounding the wedding of Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard so the television presenter has come out to try to set the record straight.

Rebecca McKnight

Okay, so they’re not Brad and Angelina but the wedding of Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley is one of the most speculated about events of recent times.

From getting married this year to paying other couples off for their dream venue, we’ve heard it all. But now the Northern Irish television presenter is saying that it’s all lies.

According to reports in the media this morning Christine has said that the wedding was never set to happen this year nor has she booked her venue.

She was rumoured to have had her eye on Galgorm Manor in County Antrim. The Dancing on Ice host explained, ‘People constantly try to tell me that I’ve booked a venue, which I haven’t.’

The 33 year old also said that she and her Chelsea beau had never planned to walk down the aisle this year, putting an end to rumours of a rift between the two lovebirds.

And despite being able to have pretty much whatever she wants for her special day, Christine has said that she thinks they’ll end up having an intimate family wedding like her parents.

But to be honest at this stage we’re not really sure what to believe!