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05th Sep 2012

Chris O’Dowd Follows In Many A Man’s Footsteps And Posts Cheeky Lingerie Pic Of Dawn Online

The Irish comedian thought it was a good idea to share a photo of his lingerie-wearing wife on Twitter...


He’s not the first man to post a half-naked photo of his wife on Twitter and get a scolding for it… we have a new rule ladies, he should not be allowed access to Twitter in the bedroom, just in case.

Only a week after their wedding, Roscommon funny-man Chris O’Dowd couldn’t help sharing a photo of his new bride in sexy lingerie with his 186,000 followers on Twitter.

Posting the photo of his new wife Dawn Porter in matching lacy underwear and a silk dressing gown, the comedian bragged; “ There are times to boast about your sexy new wife…. look what I got!”

Immediately he received tweets from friends like Caroline Flack, Dawn’s best friend, who joked: “I would.”

Dawn, however, didn’t approve and tweeted; “That wasn’t the wedding photo I was planning to release. #husbands!!!!”

Chris has since removed the photo from his Twitter account.

But would we leave the readers without…? Dawn looks fabulous…

He isn’t the first celebrity male to share a sneaky bedroom photo of his wife. Last year Russell Brand tweeted a photo of then-wife Katy Perry first thing in the morning without make up. She was not impressed and he quickly removed it after she objected.

Irish television presenter Brian Ormond experienced a similar telling-off when he tweeted a  photo of his model wife Pippa O’Connor’s behind as she unknowingly admired the view out the window in the morning-time.

Just a warning girls…!

Dawn and Chris got married last week in a secret ceremony in London attended by pals including Caroline Flack, Amy Huberman and Graham Linehan.

The newly marrieds did not reveal the location of the ceremony with Dawn tweeting: “It was incredible. I promise to tell you all about it soon. For now it’s just for us #perfect.”

Chris meanwhile wrote: “Chris O’Porter” and then posted a picture of himself and Dawn wearing tracksuits and wrote: “Just married!!!!”.

Despite his cheeky Twit-pic posting, we do still love him!


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