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30th Apr 2014

Chris Martin Got Kicked Out Of Coldplay – So They Could See His Real Value

The producer wanted to give the group some 'perspective'

Chris Martin revealed he was kicked out of Coldplay by producer Brian Eno – so that the other members could see the kind of impact he had on the group’s profile.

In an interview with Radio 1, Chris Martin explained that his high-profile personal life was taking the spotlight from the band, so the producer wanted to remove the singer to show the effect he had on the group’s confidence.

Martin admits that his relationship with then wife Gwyneth Paltrow boosted the group’s profile, and Eno removed him from the group to teach them the value of the group as its own identity:

“There was a time (when Eno) kicked me out of the band for a few weeks to get everybody else’s confidence up. At that time I could be quite strong minded, so he taught us a bit more flexibility and to let everybody get to the end of their idea before judgement is passed… I was famous for tabloid stuff… we had lost our way a bit.”