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26th Nov 2012

Chris Brown Hurls Stream of Disgusting Abuse at Comedy Writer on Twitter

The controversial singer verbally attacked comedy writer, Jenny Johnson, after she replied to one of his Tweets.


Oh Chris Brown, will you ever learn? Sometimes it really is just best to keep your thoughts to yourself (especially when they take the form of an abusive rant). Yes ladies, the singer has gotten himself into trouble yet again.

So what did he do this time? Well he verbally attacked a woman named Jenny Johnson via social networking website Twitter.

The Huffington Post reports that Ms Johnson, a well-known comedy writer, has always been open with regards to her feelings about Chris Brown on Twitter (one of her most popular tweets is: “Call me old fashioned, but Chris Brown should be in prison).”

But it wasn’t until she tweeted the following that she grabbed Chris’ attention:

Rather than doing the smart thing (which would have been to remain silent) Chris, and some of his 11.6million followers, immediately began hurling sexual and graphic insults towards Ms Johnson.

We’re of the opinion that the rest of the exchange is a bit too disgusting to share at this early hour of the morning, but you’ll be glad to hear that Ms Johnson has kindly re-tweeted all the abuse Chris hurled at her for our own reading pleasure.

It seems as though at some point during the exchange of words between them, Chris realised that what he was doing wasn’t such a great idea because the singer has since deleted his Twitter account.


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