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26th Aug 2012

Cheryl Cole Hires Her Dancer Beau to Accompany her on Her Upcoming Tour

The ‘Call My Name’ singer wanted to spend more time with her new man so she hired him to join her on stage.

Cheryl Cole does not need to worry about keeping in touch with her new boyfriend Tre Holloway as she embarks on her tour because he will be joining her.

The singer hired her new man, who is a dancer, to accompany her on her UK tour, which kicks off in October.

According to The Sunday Mirror, Cheryl is looking forward to getting to know Tre better and touring together will give them the opportunity to grow closer.


Cheryl hired Tre to accompany her on her upcoming tour

A source close to the Call My Name singer said: “She’s really into him and taking him on board as a backing dancer on the tour was the perfect way for them to spend all their time together.

“During her marriage to Ashley Cole, they had to spend a lot of time apart due to her commitments and his football matches.

“But this time around, she’s taking no chances. She wants to see if it’s something special and after four months together, she’s excited about where things are heading.”

Tre has met Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bandmates Kimberely and Nicola

There are even rumours that Tre could accompany Girls Aloud on tour if they reunite next year.

“Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh have met him and loved him – so she’s got approval from the other girls.” thinks Cheryl is moving very fast. Is there such a thing as taking it slow in the celebrity world? We think not.