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12th Sep 2012

Cheryl Cole Fights With her Mammy About her new man…

The singer has reportedly had a few words with her mammy regarding her new man.


Cheryl Cole has made no secret of the fact that she is absolutely smitten with her new man Tre Holloway. In fact, he’s the first man that she’s actually gone public with ever since her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole fell apart a few years ago.

However, it seems like not everyone is as head-over-heels about Tre as Cheryl is. In fact, Tre has reportedly become the subject of yet another row between Cheryl and her mammy, Joan Callaghan.

“Cheryl’s told her mum how wonderful Tre’s been. But instead of being pleased for her daughter, Joan has doubts. She’s worried Tre could be after her money,” said a source, speaking to Now magazine recently.

Cheryl’s mammy has always had a huge say in the singer’s life and Joan is the first person that Cheryl turns to when she’s in need of advice, however according to reports, the Girls Aloud star is absolutely fuming at her mam’s negative response to Tre.

Cheryl with her new man Tre.

“Cheryl told Joan she can’t be single forever. She reminded her mum that dating someone famous means risking public humiliation – girls always targeted Ashley because of his money and his fame,” said the source.

“She’s tired of Joan inferring that someone with a regular job has to be a gold-digger. She feels like she can’t win. Cheryl’s happy for the first time in ages, so she’s begged her mum not to ruin her relationship. But Joan’s priority is making sure Cheryl doesn’t get hurt again,” the source added.

We hope Cheryl and her mammy sort things out soon – we also hope that Joan doesn’t decide to get the wooden spoon out, for Cheryl’s sake. 


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