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19th Jul 2012

Charlize Theron Has No Problem Being Naked On Set

The beauty said that she is not afraid of being in the nip in front of others!


The gorgeous Charlize Theron does not have a problem being in the nip on a movie set.

The actress was required to film steamy sex scenes with Killarney hunk Michael Fassbender in her latest movie, Prometheus.

Speaking of the scenes she said: “I don’t have issues being naked… That sounds very slutty. What I mean is, I’m not hung up on my body.

“And I’ve been lucky to work with people I’ve been really comfortable with. I’ve had maybe two occasions where…”

Her co-star Michael Fassbender finished the actress’ sentence saying “It’s been uncomfortable.”

“And Michael’s one of the two who did not make me feel very comfortable,” Theron joked.

The pair recently took part in a photoshoot for W magazine where the stars are chained together in outfits that leave little to the imagination.

Woah! If we were Charlize we’d never get dressed!

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