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07th Aug 2012

Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid’s Relationship on the Rocks

The ex-Big Brother star has said she would "rather be a single mum than miserable."

Chantelle Houghton should be on air. She and boyfriend, Alex Reid, have just welcomed their new daughter into the world.

But ex-Big Brother contestant and new mum Chantelle has revealed in her magazine column that her relationship with her cagefighter fiancé is “strained.”

Chantelle confesses all in her New! magazine column as rumours circle she told friends she would “rather be a single mum than be miserable.”

The 28-year-old reality television star wrote; “Alex flew to Glasgow for the night last Friday, where he MC’d at a cage fight. It was his godson’s birthday on Saturday so he popped into his party. Things between us have been strained lately, and there has been a lot of stuff in the press and that’s made things hard. That’s all I want to say at the moment.”

Chantelle’s comments came as it was reported she has been telling friends and family that she’s not sure whether her relationship with Alex will last much longer.

Her engagement ring was noticeably absent from her left hand as she got into her mum’s car last Monday.

A source told Now magazine that Chantelle said she will walk out if things don’t get better.

“Chantelle has been telling friends she wants the relationship tp work for her daughter Dolly’s sake, but she also said she won’t stay if she is going to be this miserable. She thinks she might have rushed into it, she doesn’t want to marry if she’ll be unhappy, Chantelle said she’d rather be a single mum.”

According to New! Magazine, Alex left the Essex home he shares with Chantelle after the pair had another argument about Alex’s sexual preferences and cross-dressing fetishes. Chantelle has made no secret of the fact that she does not like Alex’s cross-dressing alter-ego Roxanne. His cross-dressing choices caused the couple to split briefly in May, and things are said to have come to a head following the work trip last week.

A source told New!; “When Alex got back from Glasgow, they had big rows over him wanting to dress as Roxanne and issues he has with his sexual preferences. The row exploded and last Monday he took a load of sex toys to his mum’s in Surrey, it’s likely that he’s gone off to dress up as Roxanne.”

Chantelle is said to be disgusted as the cagefighter promised to put that part of his life behind him for the sake of his daughter Dolly.

“She thinks it is seedy and inappropriate. Seeing him in Roxanne’s clothes in their new family home made her feel sick.”