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22nd May 2013

Chanelle Hayes Takes To Twitter Again To Vent Jack Tweed Woes

Step away from the twitter, Chanelle.

Jack Tweed and Chanelle Hayes decided only a short time ago to go their separate ways following an emotional appearance on Jeremy Kyle. However, now their supportive tweets to each other have now turned into a very public spat.

The row started when Jack posted the following tweet to his twitter account which was picked up by a friend of Chanelle’s who suggested it was about her.


Chanelle proceeded to go into Twitter melt down tweeting: “yes I know Antonia. He’s a f***ing disgrace after everything I’ve done for him. He is vile. X”. The tweet has now been deleted from the account but was posted in a Heat article.

Chanelle had retweeted the tweet from Antonia with the claim. However, shortly after Jack tweeted to state that the tweet was not about her.

Oh dear…


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