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26th Jan 2022

Cardi B wants to have “a chat” with Meghan Markle after defamation lawsuit

Katy Brennan

Both women have gone through similar experiences.

Fans rejoiced as Cardi B won a defamation lawsuit earlier this week against a blogger who relentlessly slated her.

Now, the rapper has revealed that she wants to sit down with The Duchess of Sussex  – someone who has gone through a very similar experience.

Cardi was awarded almost three million dollars for being the target of a “malicious campaign” of defamation by YouTuber Tasha K – whose real name is Latasha Kebe.

Kebe was found to have published a series of defamatory statements about Cardi, causing her serious emotional distress.

Following her legal win, Cardi took to Twitter to write: “I need a chat with Meghan Markle.”

While she didn’t provide any more information as to what the topic of conversation would be, we can assume it’s got something to do with Meghan’s recent legal battle.

Cardi has previously spoken out about being a huge fan of the Duchess and her husband.

“I’m a fan of their whole story,” she told Capital Xtra in 2018. “I’m a fan of the fact that it’s just, like, people still stuck to that tradition of royal kingdoms and everything. That doesn’t happen in America.

“I want to meet Prince Harry, just because of the fact that he is a prince. Like, ‘Yeah you met a president, but did you meet a prince?’

She even said she had dreamed of performing at the couple’s wedding.

“I’ll just do it, because it’s like – ‘oh snap! Have you performed for a future king?'”

Meghan has been relentlessly bullied online since her relationship with Prince Harry first began back in 2016.

She was even named The Most Trolled Person in the World in 2019.