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17th Jan 2013

Can’t Buy Me Love… (Unless it’s for $350 Million)

Golfling legened/love rat Tiger Woods wants his ex back, and he's willing to pay the price...

Looks like the Tiger is keen to stop living life permanently on the prowl…

Golf superstar and serial womaniser Tiger Woods wants his ex wife Elin Nordegren back, and he’s willing to pay for his past transgressions. Quite literally pay for them, that is.

Multiple reports today suggest that the golfer wants to remarry Elin, who left him in 2009 after learning of his multiple infidelities throughout their eight-year relationship.

Happier times – Elin & Tiger pictured together in ireland in 2006

Tiger is said to have proposed to his ex again over Christmas, and she is believed to be considering the offer. However, if this Tiger doesn’t change his stripes, it will cost him big. Nordegren is said to want a $350 million anti-cheating clause added to the contract, a sum that would account for over half of Woods’ estimated $600 million fortune.

Woods is reported to have slept with at least 120 other women while he and Elin were together.