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21st Jul 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals Her Only Insecurity Since Her Transformation

She revealed her worries on her blog.

Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation has been long hailed as inspirational amongst the transgender community, but the reality star has admitted she’s still insecure about her voice.

Following her emotive speech at the ESPY Awards last week, Caitlyn revealed that despite feeling outwardly like her appearance was right, her deeper voice still bothers her.

The 2015 ESPYS - Show : News Photo

Writing on her blog this week, Caitlyn admitted:

“It was a little difficult for me to watch myself. While I felt like I looked great and that the gown looked fabulous, I still have a voice issue. It’s not quite right compared to my feminine appearance. That bothers me a little bit. However, I hope that people don’t listen to the pitch of my voice, but listen to what I have to say. That’s important to me.”

Despite still being concerned over her voice, Caitlyn said the hardest part of her speech was thanking her family for their support:

“The toughest part in the speech was my kids. It was hard to look over there and see all of my children. As I said in the speech, I don’t want to hurt anybody. I just want to be myself. I barely got through that.”

If you missed the incredible speech last week, you can catch it in full here.