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28th Jul 2012

Bulging Belly: Colin Farrell Flashes His Flesh on The Tonight Show…

Colin Farrell shocked audiences in the States by revealing his man-gut for all to see. What a legend.


One thing we’ll say about Colin Farrell, he is immense craic. In typical Irish fashion, he would come out with absolutely anything and he isn’t afraid to show off his eh…imperfections…

The Irish Daily Star reports that Colin shocked US audiences when he showed off his belly live on air during an interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Why was he flashing his stomach? Well ladies, before you start getting any ideas, he wasn’t showing off a rippling set of abs that you could practically use as a washboard. Oh no. Instead Colin was showing off his newly acquired man-gut. Sexy, right?

Colin admitted that he had gained 15lbs on an 11-day road trip around the United States (what on earth was he eating?!) and, encouraged by Jay Leno, he happily flashed his bulging belly. All we’ll say women is that there were multiple fat rolls. Seriously.

But that being said, we love a fella with a bit of meat on his bones, and we love the fact that Colin was more than willing to have a bit of a laugh about it all – sure isn’t it in his nature to just have the craic anyway like?

We have to say, we sort of love him a little bit more after that.

Colin also paid tribute to his uncle Tommy, who passed away last week, while he was chatting to Mr Leno.

The cheeky actor had to be bleeped-out numerous times as he told a profanity-laden story about what happened when he visited his uncle for the last time.

“The guy in the bed next to Tommy in the hospice took an unfavourable stance toward my existence,” said Colin.

“He started from the next bed going ‘You, you like f****r!’” he laughed.

Colin was on The Tonight Show to promote his new movie, a re-make of Total Recall and Colin? Weight-gain or no weight-gain, we still love ya!